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Wednesday, September 8, 2010 Spring-Summer 2010   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 3  
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At Alta Bates Summit Medical Center
Asthma Resource Management Center is designed as an alternative to going to the Emergency Department and a way to educate people with asthma about early warning signs and ways to prevent asthma attacks.
(510) 204-1586
Ethnic Health Institute
(510) 869-8223
Health Match is a free community service that can refer you to a physician practicing at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center.
(510) 869-6777
Other Resources
Alameda Contra Costa Medical Association (ACCMA) provides a list of physicians who can help you.
(510) 654-5383
Alameda County Public Health Departmentís Asthma Start Program provides home-based asthma education and home assessments for children throughout Alameda County.
(510) 383-5181
American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology:
(800) 822-2762
American Lung Association
(800) LUNG USA - (800) 586-4872
Bay Area Pediatrics/Comprehensive Allergy Services can diagnose and treat infants, children and adults with asthma.
(510) 834-4897 x5
Childrenís Hospital & Research Center Oakland - Bay Area Pediatric Pulmonary has a free pediatric advice line with information on asthma.
(510) 428-3305
Regional Asthma Management & Prevention Initiative is a clearing house of asthma information, provides technical assistance to asthma coalitions, and acts as a collective voice for policy change.
Sinkler-Miller Medical Association is a group of over 150 African American physicians in the East Bay. The Association provides referrals and a list of resources.
(510) 547-8945


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